27 March 2019

What is the advantage of a Medical Writer?

What is the advantage of a Medical Writer?

An email in our inbox. Can we tell something more about Chemistri for a “Life Science” campaign in De Standaard?

In the newspaper? We? At first, we were rather hesitating… Should we do this? Won’t people find it boring? 

Soon we realised that this was an excellent opportunity to tell something more about what we are exactly doing. An opportunity to clear up the prejudice that we are only writing package leaflets once and for all. An opportunity to clearly answer the difficult question: “What exactly is medical writing?”

The publishing was planned a week later and from then on, things went fast. Luckily, it was a telephone interview and we were given the opportunity to read ánd correct the draft thoroughly, so we did not give them a chance to change their mind. ;-).

Finding a suitable photo was another pair of sleeves. We dived into our archive, but each photo seemed to show one of us looking the wrong direction, or having a ‘weird’ haircut or a double chin. An improvised photoshoot in Sara’s office appeared to provide an adequate remedy.

And then … just waiting …

We are very pleased with the result and secretly a little proud of shining among all those pharmaceutical top companies!

But we are especially happy that everyone now exactly knows what we are doing, right? ;-)


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